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interactive objects, bamboo wood, grains, 300x20x6cm

The project focuses on the history, sonic qualities and possible roles of a rainstick – an idiophone instrument, which exact origin remains a subject of debate. There are several theories suggesting that it was used and crafted simultaneously by indiginous peoples of South and Central America, along with Southeast Asia, Australia and Western Africa. Its possibly communal nature seemed consistent with the lack of ownership of the natural phenomenon it sonically describes. Therefore the rainstick could have been mutual as rain is to all beings on the planet. An anti-monument of rain, becoming alive in the hands of a player. Organic, biodegradable, with no pedestal, shared by a community.

The aim of the project was to build two rainsticks enlarged in a scale of 3:1, which then would allow to create the situation of a continuous acoustic rain sound made by randomly paired viewers exploring freely the musical possibilities of the instruments in the exhibition space. The experience itself carries the potential for evoking the feeling of oneness with Earth, deepening the connection with the other-than-human and also the newly acquainted human witnessing the moment.

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Rainstick. Anti-Monument: Gathering
Meditative performance at the Solatorium (Warsaw, PL)
Photo documentation: Sonia Kłos

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