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interactive object, LP record, gramophone, wooden table, 14min39s

Studies suggest that auditory stimuli are more effective in evoking feelings than visual perception. Hearing the sounds of a certain living body, recognizing movements and emotions allows the listener to bond with the perceived being.

Presence is a recording of sounds made by Greta - a highly sensitive mare who was severely traumatized by first owners. When turned 3 years old the mare was sold to Kaja Tarłowska, who immediately felt an emotional connection with her. They've built a strong relationship based on respect, empathy and collaboration. It's been 13 years now and Greta is not only alive, but healthy, joyful and loved. The recording took place at the stables where she lives. Over time Greta felt more and more comfortable, she was sniffing around the mike, snacking, scratching, neighing. The recording consists of 14min39s chosen from few hours of audio material, composed so as to mimic Greta's presence.

The record was made from recycled materials.

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